I’m working with a translator to produce the first book of The Phoenix Conspiracy in a Spanish language version. Currently, we are on Chapter 04. At this rate I expect to have the book–I mean the libro–finished and available before the end of the summer. Even though that goal seems aways off, it’s still an exciting project, and the fulfillment of a goal I set back in 2015, when I first had the idea of making the free titles available in other languages.
Phoenix Conspiracy spanish, screenshot

Also, as an aside, if anyone is talented with Photoshop and keen to make a few bucks, I could use some help created the Spanish language cover. You can see my idea here (crudely approximated with the help of MS Paint):

If interested in helping out with the proof read, or the cover art, please use the contact form to reach out to me. Or else write me an e-mail. I’d welcome it.